About Us

Micro IT is a young and dynamic company. We come from different business areas, but we share one exceptional skill – to provide the best solution. The company’s headquarters are located in Slovakia, but its consultants and developers are assigned to various projects across Europe, Asia and US. Enthusiasm, a fighting spirit, and the ability to create a team spirit are the main features of Micromen.

Micro IT s.r.o. focus mainly on the delivery of solutions fulfilling the global trade requirements. The majority of our projects relates to SAP GTS (Global Trade Services) for big international companies, helping them to spread their business easily around the globe.

The Microboard

Gabriel Ludvik
Managing Director

SAP Consultant Global Trade Services - Solution architect and SAP Consultant Logistics focusing mainly on architecture and quality assurance within each project. Main focus on Free trade agreements especially EU, US and Asia FTAs.

Email: gabriel.ludvik@microit.sk
Miroslav Zvac
Head of Consulting

SAP Consultant Global Trade Services - Lead consultant
Main focus on Special customs procedures and SAP GTS Customs management in general. Strong experience in German customs system ATLAS and other European customs regulations.

Email: miroslav.zvac@microit.sk
Tomas Kriz
Head of Development

SAP Technical consultant Global Trade Services - Lead developer
Fluent in SAP/ABAP, C#.NET, SQL, XSLT, routinely interconnects these technologies and leverages their combined power to achieve most efficient solutions; his competence includes architecture, design, implementation and support of solutions for EU, USA and South Korea

Email: tomas.kriz@microit.sk